Meet the TEAM

The Boss

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Nana Agyemang

Nana is a multimedia journalist who has worked for ELLE Magazine, New York Times and BBC News. Her focus on telling stories around diversity in the fashion industry led her to attend Columbia University for her Masters in Multimedia Journalism. As part of her continued passion to display diverse fashionistas, she created EveryStylishGirl as an Instagram blog in July 2016. As the blog rapidly grew, she brought on a team to scale the blog into a multimedia platform for women to connect and build their brands. In addition to running ESG, Nana loves to report on fashion activism and female entrepreneurs. She wants to ensure that the news we read reflects the diverse world we live in.


Marketing Bosses 


N'Dia Kai

N’Dia is a content creator. Her passions are rooted in storytelling. One way she has explored her passion is through film and television production, from writing screenplays, video editing, directing, producing her own work and assisting others with their works. She found that she could explore storytelling through social media and was quickly attracted to EverStylishGirl because of its ability to capture high quality images and the essences of someone’s story. With ESG, she collaborates with the team to produce content for ESG’s social media outlets and coordinates events and campaigns that engage their audience to ensure that they feel connected to the platform.


Funmi Odutayo

Funmi graduated from the University of Texas San Antonio with a BS in biology and is currently working in the health field. When she isn’t working, or gathering more specs for her masters degree, she loves creating content for her YouTube and Instagram platforms as her creative outlet. As ESG's marketing boss, she assists with organizing and compiling research of treading topics and helps to plan ESG events. 

Social Media Bosses 



Nikole Rodrigues

Nikole is a student at The George Washington University who is majoring in International Affairs. As an operations and social media boss, Nikole works closely with the CEO, Nana, in order to create Instagram Takeovers, research social media strategies, and promote ESG's mission! In her free time, she loves learning about cultures and watching makeup tutorials on YouTube.

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Amani Richardson

A social butterfly she is. Amani resides in Connecticut and is currently in her senior year at the Southern Connecticut State University where she is studying Public Health. With a passion for social media marketing and editing, Amani’s role at ESG is the Social Media Boss and in her spare time, she loves to blog and take random trips to NYC!


Janay Smith

A Johns Hopkins University alum and Master's candidate from the University of Southern California, Janay brings her knowledge in Psychology and passion for Marketing to aid in increasing ESG's digital brand visibility as a Social Media Boss. When not spending time studying or writing manuscripts for her upcoming memoir, you'll find this east coast girl with a west coast soul curled up with a book and an Açai bowl on the beach.


Marie Traore

Marie Traore is a first year student studying Political Science and Environmental Science at Macaulay Honors College at Baruch College. She resides in New York City, and loves to integrate her interests to her social media platforms. When Traore is not working or studying, she loves to shop Bahi Cosmetics for skincare, try new make-up from Sephora and Ulta, and find new places to go in the summer since she loves to travel.

Content creating bosses 


Coco Salako

A student at St. John's University, Coco is currently working to earn a degree in Marketing and is currently a content creator with ESG, putting together the creative visuals behind some of the Instagram stories. When she is not studying, she is working on creating content for her blog, building her hair company and going on weekend trips with her friends. 


Atira Barber

Atira is a sophomore at Iona College majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Dance. She stays true to her title of Creative as a Content Creator Boss here at ESG. When she's not creating or performing you could usually find her skateboarding, writing, or enjoying study dates with her boyfriend.


Aniyah Morinia

An undergraduate student at the University of Florida, Aniyah is pursuing a degree in public relations. She is currently a copy editor for ESG- creatively writing, editing and researching the latest trends. Aniyah is a lover of all things fashion and refuses to pass up a good Instagram moment.

Photo bosses 


Mamy Mbaye

Mamy, a junior at Pomona College, is pursuing a double major in International Relations and History. She is joining us as a Photo Boss this semester, capturing the most stylish and inspiring girl bosses on the West Coast. Mamy enjoys learning new languages, keeping up with an obscene amount of TV shows and, most of all, traveling!



Jen is a student at Berkeley College studying Fashion Merchandising and also works full-time in Accounting. She is joining us as an LA Photo Boss this semester. When not doing photo shoots, Jen enjoys binge watching International Dramas, overindulging in bubble tea and exploring with friends.