Actress and Singer Diamond White Wants More Black Girl Representation in Hollywood

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What have you been up to lately?

There’s a lot of opportunities to do new stuff in LA,  this year I wanted to dedicate to really doing music because last year I was doing mostly acting. This year I wanted to do a lot of writing because I hate to sing songs that aren’t mine, you know.

What do you feel most accomplished about?

I feel most accomplished about little moments of happiness when I’m content, I could just be in my bed. I feel like in order to have those moments you have to go through a lot because I’m not happy all the time but the moments I actually do find that, “Okay, I’m happy.” I feel really accomplished because they’re hard to get to.

What’s been one of the most significant moments in your life?

I feel like a really significant moment in my life is when I got the call for the Tyler Perry movie, because I was like this is the first time I will be in the movie theatre. People are going to go and see me on a huge screen. That’s a moment I never thought was going to happen because I was always really focused on singing so the acting just took me by surprise.

What’s your biggest struggle?

My greatest struggle is that I’m my biggest critic so it’s hard for me to ever give myself a congratulations so I guess my biggest struggle is to be proud of myself.

What’s your greatest goal?

My biggest physical goal is.. I want to buy my mom a house because she’s always saying how she wants a movie theatre and a game room so I want to do that but that’s physical. I would also really like to find a place in life where I’m 100% content. When there’s nothing I want, nothing I want to do, but like swim.. Basically I want to be an old rich white person haha.

What about your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is I’m really scared of spiders but I’m also really scared of failure so spiders and failure haha.

What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned?

Recently I went through a big thing where I was really unhealthy and not treating myself right and it taught me that your health is so important and I had to learn a lot about myself and what I need to do to take care of myself. Put your health first and mental health is a really big thing too, putting anything else before that is just not going to work.

What's your greatest worry in your career?

I worry that the industry isn’t going to recognize black talent the way that it should because I’ve noticed that, and it’s changing a lot but, the actresses Hollywood tends to go for are mixed with light skin and curly hair. I never see girls that actually look like me, I see them here and there but not as often as I would like to so I hope that the industry can move in that direction and actually show black girl representation.

What's something you’d like to see change in your industry and what advice do you have for someone starting out?

Apart from black girl representation, it would be cool to see more black producers and writers because I only know of like Ava who just did A Wrinkle In Time. I want those people to become the Steven Spielberg's but better. As for the advice, I would just say you kind of have to have thick skin because a lot of the time the answer is going to be no and it’s up to you to figure out “How do I turn this no into a yes?” Because you’ll get more NOs than YES so be prepared for a lot of let-downs but once you get that one YES that’s what’s going to keep you going.

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By: Mamy Mbaye


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