Brooklyn Petite Reminds Women of Their Beauty Through Body Positivity Advice

Outfit 1 Details:

Blazer: @zara

Top: @TheLineByK 

Bottom: DIY vintage Levi’s 

Sandals: @urbanoutfitters


Outfit 2 Details:

Top: @missguided 

Blazer: Vintage Ralph Lauren

Shorts: Vintage Levi’s from @LTrainVintage 

Heels: @gianvitorossi

What would you say has been a significant moment in your life?

“I was always the one to get bullied growing up because of my hair, teeth gap, and weight.  It took a lot of self love and therapy to finally accept these ‘flaws’ kids felt they needed to belittle me with.  When I started this blog it was hard at first because I wasn't sure who would actually read it, or if I would even make a difference in people's lives. Five years later here I am getting emails and messages from women who feel so inspired by my outfits. These are women who feel like they're not good enough to wear a good outfit or find it difficult to shop for their shape/size. I know it may sound like a cliche but I always tell my readers, look in the mirror and tell yourself: "I'm perfect. I love me. There's nothing wrong with me. You're not the problem, they are". Seeing them put together these looks that I post up on my blog and actually taking the body positive advice I give them brings tears to my eyes. Who would've thought little Veronica is here helping other women feel good about themselves!”

What is your greatest worry as a blogger?

“My greatest worry as a blogger is making sure I don't run out of ideas for my readers. I want to keep that consistency with them always. People get bored easily and I refuse to be that boring person nobody cares about. I want to continue inspiring these women and make sure they feel great about themselves. Before I would worry about who would actually read it.”

What’s been your most embarrassing moment and why?

“I haven't had an embarrassing moment yet, I hope I don't any time soon. It'll probably happen once I start my YouTube channel.”

If you could do one thing differently again, what would it be and why?

“I wish I would've taken my blog serious the way I do now back then. Before it was just about the clothes but now it's more than just that. These women want to learn from you, they need to understand the DO's and DON'T. We all learn from our mistakes.”

IG: @brooklynpetite

By: Armelis D'Orville


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