The Importance of Happiness When Feeling Stuck

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Top: @Nasty gal

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Purse: @Urban Outfitters

Shoes: @Zara

Jacket: @Buffalo Exchange

Sunglasses: @EBay


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

“My name is Stephanie, the name was given to me by my father and I’m pretty surprised I wasn’t given an Cambodian name; given he couldn’t speak much English at the time. I’m from Oakland California and I am very proud to be born in a hard city, it definitely shaped me into the woman I am today. It allowed me to grow up in a diverse community, I was surrounded by so much interesting ethnicities. On a day-to-day basis I’m actually always on the go. I rarely get to be at home and relax whether it is running errands, hitting the gym, or working. I am not sure if you would consider this a fun fact but I enjoy watching documentaries on Netflix, Chef’s Table is my all time favorite. Each season concentrates on a chef from around the world. Also I have this strange obsessions with the Royal House, I’ve watched every documentary about them on Netflix.”

What do you feel most accomplished for in your life right now?

“I’m currently still trying to establish my life as an adult at the moment. I grew up with very little support so I always had to figure everything out on my own. I was never was pushed or surrounded by anyone who told what I needed to do in order to survive when I grew up. I feel accomplished that I am very independent and strong. I feel grateful that I can handle tough situations and not let it consume me, I feel that it’s the best asset I have grown into.”

Who inspires you?

“Honestly, all of aunts inspire me, even though they are a billion miles away from me. I know of their struggles and it amazes me that in the end they continued to strive. They make me want to make something of myself, believe in myself and that it is possible to take myself places. I have only gotten closer to them as I’ve gotten older and I am glad that they are in my life.”

What is your greatest struggle?

“I struggle at focusing on one thing at a time, I want to do everything and it’s hard. I am a part time student at a community college and I wish I could major in a lot of things but it isn't realistic, finically of course. I feel that it's unfair that we have to choose one major and stick to that path. I can see myself working in so many different fields, so I’m working on guiding myself towards a field that would work out for me, at the moment.”

 What is your biggest goal in life?

“This is probably cliché but my biggest goal in life is to continue to be happy. Happiness is very important to me and I feel it’s a big part of maintaining your mental health as well. You can have everything in the world but if you aren’t happy then it kind of defeats the purpose.”

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What is your favorite quote and why?

“There’s a quote from Rupi Kaur’ Milk and Honey book, “It takes grace to remain kind in cruel situations”. We are challenged everyday whether it is good or bad but I find it important that we remain gentle after being hurt. Learning to let go and forgive yourself for the mistakes you put yourself in and never seeking revenge. In life you have to be the bigger person because it makes you better, believe it or not it will put you in a good place.”

Where do you see your self in 5 years?

“I have always wanted to bite the bullet and move myself out of state, I am thinking somewhere in California. Although it scares me, but its something I have been wanting to do for myself. It is probably the reason I travel because I want to experience a new life. I have been in Massachusetts basically my whole life, I moved here at the age of eleven. Sometimes I feel stuck and I know a lot of people can relate to me. As humans we always feel the need for a change, and change isn’t always bad but change is different and new.”

How would you describe your personal style?

“I feel like my style is a mixture of everything, I can basically wear everything and I love it. Not a lot of people are able to picture themselves in certain ensembles but it definitely works for me. I follow so many fashion bloggers online so I tend to pull a lot of my creativity from them, and try to add my own flavor to the outfit. I love reinventing my wardrobe each season; it’s an art to me. Putting new fabrics and playing with news textures gives me life. Lately, I have been into 80’s and 90’s vibes, I love that hot and sexy confident attitude.”

IG: @rougebetty

By: Nicole Gonzalez

Nana Agyemang