Founder of “Girl Magic Meets” Creates Spaces to Empower Women


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Tell us a little bit about yourself

“ I’m Nancy, Instagram @bulmababy. I’m 27, I’m a photographer, I’m a mom, and I’m a fiancée. I got into photography about maybe 5 years ago. I got inspired by my daughter mainly, I’d dress her up, get her all cute and everything; use a towel as a backdrop. Then eventually as she got older, I used her aunts DSLR. It was like an old Pentax’s and I hated it because I didn’t know what I was doing, but I loved it because it was way better than my Blackberry Storm quality. Then I got my hands on a Canon t4i Rebel, and it changed everything for me. During that time I was transitioning into fashion, before that I feel like I was always trying to find myself, trying to figure out what works best for me. Eventually I just kind of stopped trying to fit into whatever the norm was, and then I grew into me. From that, I wanted to capture other people’s different sense of style. At that time I didn’t really style any shoots, I just said wear whatever you want and I would capture you and your personal style. Not too long ago, when I really got into photography, I stopped doing that and I started styling it, or at least telling my models a theme, or a way I specificity wanted them to dress. That changed my photography completely; because it looks they I envision them. I see myself growing over the past 4/5 years and it definitely has helped me grow as a person too. It’s really cool to see my work change and model. Other than photography I’m really heavy into music, I go to concerts a lot, and I’m of course into fashion.” 


2. If you could do one thing differently again, what would it be and why? 

“I think that would be school, definitely, college. I was so indecisive on what I wanted to do; I wish I knew what my passion was then. I spent 4 years there and it shouldn’t have been that long. But it’s because you know when you’re in high school and they don’t really guide you into a path of what you could do, and the different options you potentially have. Thank god for me though because if I didn’t go to college I wouldn’t have been able to find out what I really love. At first I just went towards Liberal Arts, then I wanted to do sonography, then I wanted to do dental hygiene, but I realized I love literature, I’ve always loved literature since high school. Once, in order for me to remember a Macbeth passage, I sang it in class, and I got like double the grade! I ended up graduating with an associate for communications. I guess that’s it, that’s what I would change in my life, being able to know what I really wanted to do.”


3. What is biggest worry as a photographer? 

“ My biggest worry is definitely that people wont appreciate my art. I get nervous that whatever image I see, people won’t really understand it and criticize it. I’m so terrible with criticism, people criticize my cooking and I’ll cry. But that definitely is my biggest worry, that people don’t understand where I’m coming from. But so far so good. I mean one time I did submit my work on Reedit to get criticized, just to see how I would handle it. I didn’t get anything too bad but they did give me some pointers, which was amazing for me to understand other people’s point of view.”


4. What inspired you to create Girl Magic Meets? 

“ I’ve attended an Instagram meet up and it was mainly photographers, and they mainly shoot each other. I loved that experience because it opened my mind up to so many different views, and ways you could use the lighting. I always thought how come they don’t have models? Or a theme? So my friend Brenda and I, were talking about it one day, and she’s gone to so many other Instagram meet ups that she felt the same. We also wanted to create a place for women to embrace and empower each other so we made a Facebook event and invited our friends who then invited their friends. We picked the theme to be denim, black and white clothing. Everybody came dressed, and it was beautiful, everybody looked so awesome. At that time we didn’t call it Girl Magic Meets, we didn’t know what to call it. So we just made a random hash tag called #DamnDenim, because that was during the time of Damn Daniel. After that we got so much great feed back and girls told us it helped build their confidence and self-esteem. They also liked the idea of being around supportive women. After that we were like “lets make this a continuing thing!” We set up another meet up but the weather ruined it and we didn’t meet up again until 6 months later. That’s when we were like okay we have to be consistent with this. It’s been a beautiful thing, and lately we are trying to do one at least every month, if not every other month. But we do the main meets seasonal and the mini-meets in between to have more images for Instagram but also so other members have the opportunity to come to at least once.”


5. How would you describe your personal style? 

“ I give a lot of credit to my fiancé Boogie, because before I met him I feel like I was always trying to follow the trend. I love street wear mixed with chic mixed with grudge. I love the idea of grunge-chic, Dr. Martins, black (the black section in my closet is TOO big). I’m very into trousers right now, definitely a big thing for me. I love sheer pieces, and like being sexy, I don’t know what it is. Showing my shoulders off, I find that part of the body is so attractive. There’s no exact place for my personal style I just wear what I feel works best for me. I used to be so matchy, now its like you have to explore your horizons and figure out what what’s best for me. “


6. What advice would you give to your 15-year-old self? 

“Don’t be so naïve, I was naïve Nancy. Don’t follow people, be yourself.”


7. What is your favorite quote and why?

“Beautiful is uncertainty but uncertainty is more beautiful. Its from a Polish poem, about soul mates. I’m heavy into soul mates and it’s a little piece from it basically saying there is a soul mate out there for you and fate will not bring them to you until its time but they will sometimes give you glimpses of them. You’ll never know if you’re touching the same doorknob or the same leaf that flows by you is the same leaf that flows by them. So I guess never to force your love but wait for it to come to you. “


8. What is your biggest fear, and why? 

“My biggest fear is being alone. Even now when I’m at home and my daughters not there and my fiancés not there, I don’t like being in a quiet space. So I’ll play music to make me at ease. But also in general just being alone like when my moms gone, or if I don’t have anybody beside me. That’s why I keep everybody so close because I’m afraid to lose them. That’s definitely my biggest fear.”

IG: @bulmababy

By: Nicole Gonzalvez 




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