Doctor of Physical Therapy Trades in Her Gloves for Fashion Magazines

Outfit Detals:     

Top: @knowlita

Skirt: @stellajean

Shoes: @tibi

Headwrap: Vibrant Beauty NYC

Earrings: @anniecostellobrown


How did you get to where you are today?

“I started off in 2010 on a high because I was new to it and it was fun meeting all the other bloggers in NYC. In my first year I had a commercial, magazine features and collaborations with major brands and then it just kind of died down. I didn’t notice I still loved writing and creating stories with fashion editorials. I think every year since launching my website,, I’ve thought about quitting. More recently after I did an Instagram takeover for Rent The Runway I was very discouraged that it didn’t generate the numbers I wanted. There is a lot of pressure to have BIG NUMBERS to make it as an influencer. Some brands won’t even bother anymore if you have anything less than 10k followers on Instagram. I just got that recently after blogging for 7 years.  My growth was slow and organic. I have people who have been following since 2010 who I know through my comments even though we’ve never met! They are what encouraged me to keep going recently.”

What has been your greatest lesson in life?

“I am definitely still learning a lot everyday; even now in my 30’s. But I will say one of the best lessons I've learned so far is that your thoughts have power. It's important to keep the things you say to yourself positive. Always spin a negative into a positive in your mind. You can really trick yourself into believing awesome things about yourself and about the world. That then makes you so much more open and receptive to receiving those things.”

What is your favorite quote and why?

“Well behaved women seldom make history- By Laurel Thatcher Ulrich -- I love this quote because I like to think of myself as pretty untamed. I don't think before I speak sometimes. I act off of emotions sometimes too. Some people would say: ‘that’s not lady like’; or the way a woman should behave. I hate when people try to put restrictions on women's emotions. Our emotions are perfectly natural and normal. Embrace being a woman and everything that comes with that, including scary emotions. Because hey, you never know, you could be that woman that starts a revolution.”

What is your biggest fear and why?

“I used to be afraid of a lot of things. One of the main things was being poor. I've been poor. I've watched my mother feed me and my brother and not eat anything. That's why I went to school and got a degree. I always wanted to be stable so that if I ever had a family they wouldn't ever want for anything. I worked very hard to get here. I had my Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from NYU when I was 25 years old. Being poor is no longer a fear. Now, not ever having a family of my own is something I struggle with. I wouldn't say I fear it. There's actually not much that I fear. I'm pretty optimistic and feel like in due time everything I've ever wanted will be manifested.”

What do you feel most accomplished for in your life right now?

“That I've found my happiness and my passion. I know that it comes from within me and doesn't depend on anyone else. It's a very freeing and full feeling. I'm happy that I found something I truly love doing which is writing and creating and that I have an opportunity to do it and that people enjoy it.”

IG: @monroesteele

By: Armelis D'Orville

Nana Agyemang