How to Fight the Internal Fear of Not Being Good Enough in the Media Industry

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What is your name, age and what are you currently doing/working on/majoring in?

“Iman Artwell- Freeman- 27 years old. I’m an Actress and model; I recently wrapped a short film, “Lily,” which will be premiering in a few film festivals early next year. Additionally, I’m currently playing the role of Malady in Below the Lines Production, Platanos Y Collard Greens by David Lamb.”

What do you feel most accomplished with at this point in your life?

“I feel really accomplished about where I’m at within myself. My personal growth within the last few years has really helped inform my acting work and other creative endeavors I want to pursue. It’s helped me open up to characters in different ways and explore new depth in some of the roles I’ve played.  Just knowing what I need, what I won’t compromise, and what I want, is very important. I feel like I’m really starting to discover that within myself. I really love the woman I’m becoming and I can honestly say there is something very rewarding and fulfilling about knowing yourself.”


Can you describe a significant moment in your life?


“I recently travelled to Japan for the first time and it was one of most incredible traveling experiences I've ever had. It was the first time I've ever traveled alone. It was a very meaningful experience for me because I got to be truly independent and push myself outside of my comfort zone. I like to challenge myself by taking risks, in my life and in my work; it's truly the best way to grow.”

 What is your greatest struggle? And what motivates you everyday?

“I would say my greatest struggle is being my own biggest critic. I always strive for the best in my work and with that comes the pressure I put on myself. I struggle with my internal fear of not being good enough, especially when it comes to acting. However, I always remind myself everyday to not stand in my own way and to let myself flourish. My path, just like everyone's, is unique and will unfold the way it’s meant to. I have amazing family and friends, who are intelligent, driven, and creative. They keep me on my toes with their thoughts and opinions, as well as, keep me grounded and humble. They really motivate me by encouraging me and supporting me in everything I do. Whenever I see one of my friends killin it and doing what they love, it’s so inspiring to me.”

 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“In five years, I see myself continuing to pursue my passion for acting. I ultimately want to be able to produce my own films and write my own work. I’m constantly learning and developing my creative self and don’t expect that to be complete in five years, however, I hope to have gained more knowledge, insight, and skill to continue to evolve creatively.”

How would you describe your style?

“If I had to name my style it would be urban eclectic. My style is definitely an extension of my mood and the vibe I’m feeling for the day. I like to wear things that are comfortable, sexy, and bold, whether it’s dressing in high waisted pants, crop top, and sneakers or dressing down a elegant dress. I feel like I’m constantly experimenting with my clothing, seeing what works and what doesn’t. Keeping it fresh and interesting is important for me in my life and in my style.

One of my staple pieces I don’t think I could live without are a great pair of jeans and sneakers. I’m definitely a denim girl and a fresh pair of kicks always makes any outfit look effortless and casual.”

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By: Rajaa Singh


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