Besties Tangela and Alicia Break Down What Friendship Means to Them

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How did you two meet?

ALICIA: We met at a barbecue! It was Memorial Day of last year.

TANGELA: So we met at the barbecue but we didn’t really talk to each other. Then we followed each other on Instagram and she invited me to a party—

ALICIA: And she never showed up!

TANGELA: Yes I missed the first one because she said it started at 8, and I thought it would be later around 10 so I was like ‘yeah I’m missing that’. But then she invited me to another party, and I got my second chance, and I knew she was going to be my best friend because I got to the house party and you know, you’re sitting there drinking drinks and every time she said she’d be back she actually came back! Every single time! And I didn’t know anyone at the party so I was like ‘wow she really came back’ and in such a timely fashion. And that was it.

BOTH: The rest was history!

What does friendship mean to you?

ALICIA: Friendship means to me that the person will always be there regardless of any factors. I’ve gone through a lot of friends and a lot of them have backstabbed me and I will immediately cut people off. So just always being there no matter what and sharing the same values, and lifestyle choices…and anyone that can twerk can hang with me!

TANGELA: For me, it’s really someone that laughs at my jokes. They’re pretty corny but they’re funny! So it shows what kind of person you are if you laugh at them or if you get irritated. So you have to be a special person to be my friend. But like she said, someone who is always there for you, that listens to you venting and going through problems. And someone who’s always down to go on a mission or some type of journey! I love that. You’ve got to be about that life.

Alicia, tell me something you admire about Tangela.

“One thing that I admire about Tangela is that she brings the sunlight even on the most cloudy day ever. She has so much energy and she’s full of happiness. She’s probably the most loving person I’ve ever met in my life. She’s just like the sun: radiant and extra special.”

Same question Tangela, tell me something you admire about Alicia.

“I really admire her creative side. I think that she really opens up my ability to think creatively. She’s like my other half but the more creative and talented version, so she’s always inspiring me and making sure that I think outside the box.”

If you could describe each other in three words, what would they be? 

ALICIA (about Tangela): Positive, energetic, and beautiful!

TANGELA (about Alicia): First word that popped into my head is spunky, very spunky. Also energetic, that’s why we work since we’re both energetic. And also quirky!

ALICIA: Quirky and spunky are two of the same things!

TANGELA: Okay fine I’ll replace quirky with edgy. Spunky, energetic and edgy.

How do you two overcome hard situations or arguments that you’ve had?

ALICIA: They’re never really actual arguments, they’re more like debates, I would say. Usually it’s my fault and she’ll break it down and give a solution. I’ll be the problem, she’ll be the solution, and that’s how we squash it.

TANGELA: What I really like is that we always talk it out. We don’t just sit around with an attitude about it, which I’ve had situations like that with other people where it’s just like you’re irritated and don’t say anything. We give each other space, talk about it and listen to each other’s perspectives. That’s how you fix a problem.  

What lessons have you learned from your friendship?

ALICIA: I’ve learned many lessons. She’s always the positive person and usually I will find something wrong in everything. I’m very particular, that’s my issue. So she’s allowed me to loosen up, and learn you don’t have to be mad about everything. It’s never that deep. If anything goes wrong she always has a smile on her face like nothing happened and that’s one of the lessons that I’ve learned. Also to be more caring and express my feelings for things and people…just to be more open and vulnerable, because I’m very closed off. I have a brick wall that you need a secret key to get through. She’s like my wrecking ball for that!

TANGELA: My experience has actually been the opposite, but in a good way. I think I’m a very open and positive person, and being around Alicia has made me more conscious of what I want in certain situations, and making it non-negotiable. Like if this is what I want and how I want to be then people will need to get with it or move on. Whereas most of the time I’m a very accommodating, adaptable person and that doesn’t work for all situations. So I think Alicia has helped me to take the reins and steer more confidently in the direction that I want things to go.

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By: Kacie Nelson 

Nana Agyemang