How Instagram Sparked a Creative Natural Hair Duo


Outfit details:

Jacket: @Thrifted

Tee: @Primark

Pants: @Primark

Sneakers:@ Nike



Outfit details:

Tee: @Kith

Jeans: @Target

Sneakers: @Adidas


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Ashly: “My name is Ashly Rodriguez, I’m a natural hair blogger based in Boston. I do YouTube and Instagram, just sharing my journey of my hair and making it healthier”

Tyla: “My name is Tyla Gilmore, @TyLauren on my social media channels. I do YouTube and Instagram, but Instagram is my home, and it’s my stronger platform. I also run half of @AshxTyAdventures with Ashly and that’s our conjoined Instagram. Where we do travel, natural hair, and showing people you know everything is an adventure, friendships, and woman empowerment. On my page I do lifestyle, fashion, and natural hair.”


What prompted you both to start the Ash x Ty Adventures page?

Ashly: “Well I felt like we were always doing stuff together and we need a dedicated platform to share it. Because I felt like these people are going to get sick of us on our own pages. So we wanted to be able to share what we do together, and our upcoming events.”

Tyla: “We have a lot of events, and we needed a platform that people could go to and find the events.”

Ashly: “That was the biggest reason. We had our first event ever and we had tons of pictures. I’m like OMG we are going to flood our Instagram. We were actually going on vacation the next month, so we were like why don’t we start a page and we did, and its turned into what it is now. Its developed better than I even expected and I love it.”

Tyla: “I feel like people take the adventure word and they don’t really think about what it means. So we kind of made it like going on an adventure is like going to work everyday, because you never know what’s going to happen. You know like going to school, or going on vacation, or hanging out with your girlfriends, or going to a café, or hanging out with your boyfriend. Everything is an adventure, as soon as you leave your house, you’re going on an adventure. And that’s what we wanted AshxTy to be; also for our events and when we do photo-shoots together. Its just a platform that people can find us conjoined instead of separately.”

How would you describe your personal style?

Ashly: “I’m just very simple, give me a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers, I just need sneakers on. It was funny today, Ty was like “Oh get your boots” and I was like I don’t have any, I just sneakers. Just very casual, I guess I would say street style.”

Tyla: “Thrifted, comfortable, and girly when I want. So a bit of all three because I like to dress up, and I also love sneakers, but a lot of my clothes come from the thrift store.”

How did you two meet?

Ash: “We were in a group together, like a natural hair group. So we technically met on Instagram, and the rest is history.”

Ty: “The group kind of went sour, but we got lucky and ended up becoming really close after it.”

What does friendship mean to you?

Ashly: “It means a lot. I feel like there are so many meanings behind it. But for me friendship is someone who you’re comfortable around, that you trust. I was talking to Ty about this last week, but someone who kind of keeps you in check, and tells you like it is when you need it. And its hard for me to take that but you know when you have a close friend, or someone that means a lot to you, you can take that criticism and it makes you a better person. So someone that makes you a better person, and that you can be yourself around.”

Tyla: “Friendship to me is really, really important. I feel like I take it a little more serious than a lot of people because I take my friends as my family. To me its like you’re putting the same amount of effort to a significant other, or your mom, or your dad, your sister, or brother; you should treat your friends the same way. Just because it’s about respect and honesty and you have to be able to connect on a different level than you do with your acquaintances. You have to be able to be 100% yourself, and vulnerable or you know just be able to connect on a different level and not be judged for it.”

What inspires you about each other?

Ashly: “ Everything. She’s like no person I’ve ever met before. She’s super creative, she’s so real, and like she said about friendship, she really takes it serious. I don’t think I’ve ever had a friend to that level; it was so new for me.  She’s literally just inspiring as a whole, especially when it comes to her creativity and just a friend in general.”

Tyla: “I’ve admired Ash always because her consistency and her work. The reason we connect so well is because I’ve never met someone who I can bond with on a business level and on a friendship level. Ash takes business the same way I do, it’s on a whole respect level. I feel like a lot of people don’t really know how to handle business and friendship at the same time. So the way Ash balances it is something that I really admire. She’s the first person I could actually work with, and get along with at the same time.”

If you could describe (name of best friend) how would you describe them using 3 adjectives?

Ashly: “Creative for sure, she’s very disciplined and I would say hilarious but that so basic. She’s very well rounded. That’s kind of two words but we’ll say its one.”

Tyla: “Kind-hearted, determined, and family-oriented.”


How do you two overcome hard situations/arguments that you have had with one another (if applicable)?

Both: “ I don’t think it even applies. We’ve never argued.”

Tyla: “We are complete opposites”

Ashly: “We balance each other out”

Tyla: “ So if Ash has a problem with something, I’ll be like OK Ash think about it this way. And she’ll be like Ty relax. So yeah we balance each other out.”

Ashly: “I noticed because we had a girls weekend this weekend and I could tell Ty wasn’t feeling well. So I was like OK, I’m going to leave you here, I put down the windows, its okay, okay I’m out. We’ve never argued though, no”


What lessons have you learned from your friendship?

Ashly: “I learned more about myself, like how much potential I have. How much I can really do, because I feel like I was held back, really kind of scared what people thought. Especially from a creative side, you’re putting your self out there when you post on Instagram, and YouTube. Just being around Ty brought that creativity around me, and made me more confident.”

Tyla: “Honestly to give people the benefit of the doubt, because I never did until I met Ash. I just over react, and Ash just reacts so she kind of gives me like the calm down, relax, without having to say it. She’s just like look at it from this point, you know and I don’t look at things the way Ash does because I’m very impulsive, and aggressive. So just to think of things in a different light.”


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By: Nicole Gonzalvez


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