The One Look You Must Own This Fall

by Chanel Olmo

Nothing turns heads quite like denim on denim, whether the look is pulled off or not it's done regularly. Make sure you’re turning heads for the right reasons, let ESG help you flourish in the Canadian Tuxedo like the girl boss you are.

What is it?

The Canadian Tuxedo is when you pair a denim top with denim bottoms for the ultimate monochromatic look. Although many choose to use contrasting denim pieces, wearing the same wash of denim like Nana does below looks chic and clean.


Why is it fashionable?

While some may recall the Canadian Tuxedo was once a fashion don’t one has to realize to be fashionable is to be fluid. Denim has always been a fashion staple and this fashion do calls for double the fun. Pairing denim with denim is not always an easy task, but that's what makes it worth it. The Canadian Tuxedo is trendy because the execution of this look gives fashion lovers an outlet to express their creativity and uniqueness with a simple concept.

How to wear it?

Initially the wash of denim needs to be chosen; Nana opts for a medium wash that's not too light, perfect for nighttime and/or daytime looks. Matching the top and bottom washes of denim takes a sleeker more uniform approach to the trend. While the denim jacket and pants are long in length, Nana still manages to show a hint of skin with sexy off the shoulder styling that raises the jacket to the midriff and ups the ante.


Comment below on how you would pull off the Canadian Tuxedo!




Nikole Rodrigues