Here Are The Men Affirming Black Girl Magic

by Chanel Olmo

Black women are the epitome of boundless, with their beauty, talents and brains they rise above the obstacles society has put in place to deter them from greatness. They achieve when others say they can’t and they exude so much power and confidence that it's hard not to admire them. Although black women have constantly been affirmed in the media by other black women, highlighting each others black girl magic and recognizing greatness; it feels good being loved by our black men as well. While in the past there have been black men who have not quite given black women the affirmation they deserve, below are the men who are getting it right, so we thank you.

Kofi Siriboe

Queen Sugar star, Kofi Siriboe strongly believes in black women and their beauty. He unapologetically expresses it by tweeting heartfelt messages to his mother or just black women in general, he gives us so much hope!

Broderick Hunter

Insecure actor and model, Broderick Hunter’s recognition for black women is nothing new to our timeline. He is constantly tweeting about dark-skinned women along with black women telling the world “they stay winning”. We knew this all along, but it’s nice to hear it from Broderick as well.

P. Diddy

While P. Diddy showed immense love to black women “just because” others were not so pleased because they felt like they were excluded from the conversation.  

Diddy is celebrating black women specifically because black women barely get the celebration they deserve, you can praise one group without separating or excluding another.

DJ Juls

Ghanaian producer and DJ, Juls has a huge platform with all the buzz he's been receiving from producing songs for several African artists. He recently appreciated black women by creating an instagram campaign titled ‘African and Proud’ of women with darker skin and natural hair, highlighting their beauty. Pictures of the campaign are below.  


Nikole Rodrigues