4 Tips to Reduce Post Thanksgiving Bloat

by Tonya Miller



It happens every year like clock-work; you relish in your Grandmother's apple pie, go a little heavy on the wine, then the holiday blues set in. You find yourself questioning, "Why did I go for that last serving?”, While tracing back to when you could have taken that last bite. No need to dwell over calories this year. I've rounded up a few pointers on how to reduce post Thanksgiving bloat. So you can have your turkey, and eat it too.

1. Water
When it comes to keeping Thanksgiving bloat a bay, water is #1 on this list. Ask Gabrielle Union who swears by drinking a gallon of water every day. Not only does water boost your metabolism, but it also flushes out sodium and supports a healthy digestive tract.

2. Teatox
My personal favorite go-to when I'm feeling bloated is Tiny Tea by YourTea. This company takes deep pride in practicing and preserving traditional Chinese medicine. Made of tangerine peel, lotus leaf, and many other natural herbs, Tiny Tea targets indigestion and bloating. Drink before and after each meal to avoid the ugh feeling.

3. Juice Cleanse

Ever since Vashtie blogged her Blueprint Cleanse experience back in 2013, cold pressed juices have been my jam. Rich with nutrients and antioxidants, juice cleanses increase your energy while normalizing your system. Juice bars such as Joe & the Juice have made it easy for girl bosses that need a boost on the go, but it's just as easy to juice at home.

4. Exercise
Don't be discouraged by the "E" word. Working out may not be for everyone, but keep in mind exercising isn't just about lifting weights. A simple walk is enough to stimulate your digestive system and keep you from feeling sluggish. Make exercising fun by taking a Zumba or dancehall class. You can burn up to 650 calories in one session!


Nikole Rodrigues