25 Gifts Under $25 for Every Girl Boss

by Gina Onyiuke

’Tis the season for showering your family, friends and co-workers with love, gratitude, and of course, gifts. And while we love the cheer that the holiday season brings, we’ve got to admit that holiday shopping just may be one of the most stressful activities to partake in. No seriously, the entire process can be a bit much. From the thinking to the list making, it truly is a remarkably taxing venture. And let’s not forget the strain it places on your bank account. When you’re trying to be meaningful and please various individuals and not go broke, the pressure can reach an all time high, and in the end, leave you ready to either, pull out the remaining hair that’s still left on your head, or simply give up and send generic gift cards instead. Because we know the feeling all too well, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to lend a helping hand. Being a thoughtful gift-giver doesn't necessarily have to mean emptying your wallet on the fanciest, priciest items that money can find. Here are 25 gift ideas, all under $25. Consider this an early Xmas present from us to you.

  • From Rupi Kaur, the #1 New York Times best-selling author of “Milk and Honey,” comes her long-awaited second collection of poetry. Divided into five chapters and illustrated by Kaur, “The Sun and Her Flowers” ($8) is a journey of wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming. It is a story of growth and healing that encourages us all to rise up to find a home within ourselves, and a present that poetry lovers all over will appreciate.

  • With the arrival of harsh weather that leaves our pores clogged and skin dull, this Philosophy Gift Set is for the girl unwilling to compromise her glow this season. Available only at ULTA, it’s said to reveal a smoother, more even-toned and healthier-looking complexion by gently and effectively smoothing away rough patches, refining texture, toning, minimizing the look of pores, and ultimately leaving the skin feeling deeply nourished and renewed. The “Bask In Your Holiday Glow Set” ($25) is a gift every girl will approve of.     
  • It would be nice if we could discover a way to always be prepared for whatever life throws our way. This Mini Emergency Kit ($16) brings us one step closer to just that. Although it was made with bridesmaids in mind, it is the ultimate emergency kit for all the women in your life. The best part— it’s seriously so tiny that it could fit into a small clutch on a girls’ night out.
  • Unfolding” ($9) is the debut collection of poetry, prose, notes, and stories by Jenai Charles. The book is rooted in self healing and transformation through the language of flowers. It discusses relationships— whether that be the relationship with one’s self or with others — and explores the difficulties of loving yourself back to wholeness. Simply put, it’s about breaking, coming together again and unfolding into your best self.
  • Have a pair of statement earrings you love, but can't take the weight? These clear adhesive, single use patches will take the stress out of being stylish. Simply apply Lobe Wonder Support Patches ($8) to the back of your piercing to reduce the weight of heavy earrings. Each pack comes with 60 patches that are hypoallergenic, and they’re shipped with a complimentary black travel pouch.
  • Speaking of statement earrings, every girl needs a pair in her collection, and Zara has made it easy to find the perfect one. With so many amazing options, any item you choose would take a holiday look up several notches. This velvet pair is a gorgeous shade of green ($20); this faux pearl long pair ($20) is refreshing in its use of color, shape, patterns, and fringe. I love the shiny floral details of these stunning threaded hoop earrings ($20), and there’s no doubt that all eyes will immediately fall upon you when you walk into the room with this pair of dazzling metal earrings with colorful glass details ($23).
  • For the girl that enjoys a bit of daily inspiration, these colorful desktop calendars ($15) are filled with inspirational quotes to get your day started on the right foot. The calendar is affixed to an easel that can also be hung on the wall, and in case you have a need for it, there’s additional room for notes on the back of the calendar pages.
  • The arrival of the holiday season usually means a great deal of party invites which are opportunities to dress up and beat your face to perfection. Beauty Blogger Its My Raye Raye’s new collection ($23) with BH Cosmetics is out and includes a stunning eye and cheek palette that features 15 rich matte and shimmer shadows, 3 contour colors, and 3 highlighters to create the perfect look.
  • No matter your age, everyone should take some time out to reconnect with their inner child. What better way to do so than to grab a coloring book? Adult coloring books have been trending for a while now. Not only are they fun, but they’re known for their therapeutic abilities. If you have a blogger or fashionista friend who is YouTube-obsessed, the #OOTD Coloring Book ($15) is a gift she’ll be sure to fall in love with.
  • Though they be small, they be mighty. LUSH’s Bath Bombs ($5) have been staples in beauty lovers’ arsenal for so long because of how effective they can be when it comes to leaving your skin hydrated. Pop one into your tub, and you’ll instantly be transported to bathing heaven. From the dreamy scent to the buttery froth, these unassuming balls of joy will take bath-time to a whole new level.
  • There’s no doubt that people have been thinking twice when it comes to what they place into their bodies. As a result many have opted to transition to a more plant-based diet. For the friend that is a waffling vegan newbie, an on-the-fence vegetarian, or a veg-curious omnivore, “But I Could Never Go Vegan!” ($15) by Kristy Turner is a recipe book that promises to banish any doubts and will be incredibly helpful during their journey.
  • With over 100 recipes hailing from all over Africa, the Caribbean, and the US south, renowned chef and food justice activist, Bryant Terry’s “Afro-Vegan,” ($19) remixes the favorite staples, ingredients, and classic dishes of the African Diaspora to present wholly new, creative culinary combinations that will amaze vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike. If you have friends who love food and are into cooking, this is one cookbook they’ll love to experience.
  • For the insomniac in your life, a silk pillowcase will help them get some much needed sleep. Proven to be effective for treating common sleep, skin, and hair-related problems, the benefits of switching to a silk pillowcase cover are plentiful. Alaska Bear’s Natural Silk Pillowcase ($21) is handcrafted and made of natural, breathable 100% pure Mulberry silk that is smooth, soft, and durable with a 600 thread count.
  • For the friend who wants to look good while sleeping and ensure that her hair is fully protected from any damage, a satin bonnet provides the ultimate protection from breakage while locking in moisture. Beauty Maven Isoken’s Ankara silk bonnets which are inspired by Afrocentric Heritage, come in a number of festive prints that will have you looking super stylish when going to bed. The Juju silk bonnet ($20) is stunning and affordably priced.
  • Board games and card games are so underrated. Around this time of year when the chilly weather forces us to get more creative as we figure out ways to stay warm, the ability to have fun indoors— specifically at home — becomes especially important. Games like Apples to Apples ($15), Cards Against Humanity ($25), Jenga ($13), The Voting Game ($25), or Spades ($5 deck of cards) are quirky and entertaining options that would make a great gift to the girl who enjoys hosting the occasional game night during an otherwise dull snow day.
  • For the girl who enjoys a nice glass of wine after a long day of work, or the girl who often hosts gatherings on the weekend, an electric wine opener is a fun, unexpected and useful gift that she’ll be sure to reach for often. The cordless Oster Electric Wine Opener ($18) has a sleek and sophisticated design, and can remove a cork in a matter of seconds. It’s able to open up to 30 bottles on a single charge and comes with a recharging base. This gift will certainly make life more efficient.
  • Another unexpected, but really thoughtful gift would be a subscription to Hulu (starts at $8/month), Netflix (starts at $8/month), or Spotify (starts at $5/month if you’re a student), etc. Depending on your budget and the plan you choose, a 3 month trial to one of the mentioned subscriptions is very affordable. If you’re a student, be sure to take advantage of any discounts. If you have a friend who has never invested in one of these subscriptions before, they’ll definitely appreciate the gesture.
  • Being that we’re on the topic of subscriptions, another awesome gift would be a subscription box. There are so many available that are reasonably priced— starting as low as $10 — and won’t break the bank. Whether you’re shopping for a friend who is a bookworm, makeup lover, or foodie, you’ll be sure to discover something great on this extensive list of inexpensive monthly boxes or this list of 17 amazing subscription boxes for women of color.
  • For the girl that you’ll often find at her work desk squinting at a handheld mirror, or in the dimly-lit bathroom of her office struggling to take her makeup look from day to night, a magnifying desktop makeup mirror that happens to light up will be the gift she’ll be forever grateful for. The My Canary Makeup Mirror ($23) is perfect for travel as well so you know she’ll get use of it no matter what.
  • If you have a friend that a) leads a busy life or has a lot of interests with millions of little to-do lists floating about, b) is into goal-setting and habit tracking, c) appreciates pretty stationery, d) loves planners or the idea of using one to be more organized, or e) has occasionally indulged in scrapbooking or vision board creating, then you should encourage them to look into bullet journaling. The Leuchtturm dot grid journal ($20) will be the perfect companion for this new adventure.
  • Another treat for list lovers everywhere is Moorea Seal’s 52 Lists For Happiness ($17), a weekly journal with 52 listing prompts that encourages readers to reflect, acknowledge, and invest in themselves. Filled with inspirational words, Seal’s mission is to ultimately help people discover the keys to their own unique happiness so that they may welcome more joy and balance into their lives. This mission is one that every girl should work towards.
  • The minimalists of the group deserve something that reflects their way of life. Madewell’s Front Door Key Fob ($20) is the keychain that they never realized they needed. Made of vegetable-tanned leather that burnishes with wear into a beautiful patina, this classic keychain is crafted in a timeless design. The icing on the cake— you have the option of personalizing the piece with a monogram.
  • Everyone loves a good scent, and they certainly love to be told that they smell great. This Perfume Travel Sampler ($25) is part of the Sephora Favorites category for a reason. Inside the box you’ll find seven samples of their most sought-after women’s perfumes. Included is also a scent certificate that can be taken to any US Sephora store and redeemed for a travel-size bottle or rollerball of the featured fragrance you enjoyed the most at no extra cost. Talk about getting a bang for your buck!
  • Rihanna hand picked this item herself, so you know it has to be good. Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb ($18) is in the perfect rose nude shade that’s praised for looking good on literally everyone. One swipe of this luscious gloss will leave your lips looking instantly fuller and smoother. The non-sticky formula and addictive peach-vanilla scent makes this purchase the perfect stocking stuffer!
  • For the woman who has everything already, the L’OCCITANE Almond Trio ($18) will quickly become a favorite. The products included— a hand cream, a moisturizer, and a shower oil —are wonderfully scented, and necessary items when looking to combat the winter weather. Reviewers shared that they love the set so much that they just might buy one for themselves as well!


Nikole Rodrigues