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by: Taylor

When YouTube was first created for sharing music, it consisted of music and song lyric videos uploaded by artists and fans alike. Twelve years later, it serves as a major platform for creatives to share and monetize their passions. Being a “YouTuber” is legitimate profession with the ability to jump start businesses and corporate connections.


However, with most businesses women of color still have to work much harder to get the opportunities as their peers. Today we want to celebrate a few Girl Bosses on YouTube that are killing it or soon to be!





Youtube/IG: JourneyToWaistLength


Subscribers: 335k

Since starting her channel six years ago, Shanique has expanded her videos to include both hair and skincare. Shanique’s videos follow her transition from relaxed to natural hair, as well as her goal of waist length hair. You can count on her to give beginner friendly tips and tricks on styling natural hair. Her video on the big chop garnered more than 1 million views!


Youtube/IG: Chizi Duru

Subscribers: 134k


After seeing a lack of content for 4C hair, Chizi began her very own channel in high school. Her journey with natural hair began after her dad encouraged her to cut all of her relaxed hair off and start fresh. Today she has over 100,000 subscribers! Besides hair and beauty videos, Chizi makes it a point to speak on mental health and navigating through life to give her viewers balanced content. Check out her interview on ESG to learn morei!

Youtube/IG: Peakmill

Subscribers: 1 million


Peakmill is one of the most well-known Black youtubers, famous for mastering any style! Her affinity for creating her own wigs has blossomed into a business selling them. Along with hair videos, Peakmill often shows her makeup skills in her “get ready with me” makeup tutorials.




Youtube/IG: Tiarra Monet

Subscribers: 594k


Tiarra Monet’s channel is full of tutorials on protective styles and celebrity-inspired looks for brown girls which have propelled her to her own hair line, the Crowned Collection. If you’re looking for hair advice you can trust, Tiarra is your girl as she doubles as a professional hairstylist with clients across the country! She has also been a spokeswoman for Revlon's Color Stay Gel Envy nail polish and featured in the commercial which aired on BET. Check out the commercial here!


Youtube: Chrissy Cousin

IG: chrissycous

Subscribers: 176k


Chrissy Cousin has built her channel on reviewing hair, creating different looks, and installing her own protective styles. Her big chop video posted one year ago has over one million views and many of her videos get tens of thousands of views, if not more. For those just starting their natural hair journey, Chrissy is perfect!








Youtube/IG: Jackie Aina

Subscribers: 1.6 million


Known for her great sense of humor and honest reviews, Jackie Aina’s videos have become incredibly popular. Never afraid to voice her true opinion (like in this review of the KKW contour stick), Jackie has consistently represented Black women in the beauty community for the past 8 years. This has afforded her the opportunity to work with Too Faced Cosmetics to expand their popular “Born This Way” foundation to include shades for women of color!



Youtube/IG: Ronkeraji

Subscribers: 87k


Ronke Raji’s channel features bold looks catered to women with darker skin! She often posts “inspirational tutorials” meant to uplift and inspire women of color. Recently, she collaborated with a friend with darker skin and switched makeup routines to show the beauty in all skin tones! Get to know more about Ronke in her interview with ESG.


Youtube/IG: Teaira Walker

Subscribers: 499k


Teaira Walker is both a model and beauty blogger. Her channels include makeup tutorials, hair reviews, and inspirational “get ready with me” videos. Teaira’s videos help you achieve the perfect simple glam look! With her down-to-earth personality, Teaira is


Check out her latest tutorial here!



Youtube/IG: Glowprincess

Subscribers: 22k


Armanda, known to most as “Glowprincess”, became popular on instagram for her poppin’ highlight! A native of Gabon, Armanda used to feel quite insecure about her dark skin tone once in the US but has since used youtube as a platform to encourage darker skinned beauties! Learn more about her story here!





Youtube/IG: LifeOfLanie


Subscribers: 51k

Now a graduate of George Washington University, Lanie began her YouTube channel during her sophomore year of high school. Partnering with StyleHaul, YouTube’s largest network for fashion and beauty, Lanie’s channel has grown immensely. Known for her bubbly and open personality, Lanie’s content ranges from reviews, first impressions, vlogs, to hair and makeup tutorials. Her hilarious sense of humor can be seen in this “How to Be Cool on Snapchat” video!


Youtube/IG: McTechTwins

Subscribers: 105


Maya and Mica are rising seniors at Indiana University pursuing careers in information systems. Together, they have won tech case competitions, held internships, and remained active on campus. Their channel serves as a way to shine light on opportunities and support other women of color who are interested in the tech world as well. One of their most helpful videos is an interview with a LinkedIn intern giving tips on building one’s page and finding job opportunities.





Youtube/IG: Rachspeed

Subscribers: 80k


For our girls on a budget, Rachel is your go-to! Beginning her channel at just age 16, Rachel has grown up on Youtube which can be seen in the evolution of her style. However, her videos have always stayed true to the young women who can’t necessarily afford luxury items and want to create a wardrobe out of stores such as Forever 21, H&M, and Zara. Growing up with a single mother, Rachel this was an essential component of her channel explaining, “Don’t get me wrong -- I love watching luxury hauls and styling videos, but I know that the everyday girl with student loans and a starting salary can’t always keep up. I’m that girl right now. It’s important to me to keep my channel relatable, affordable and in reach.”



Her content ranges from “How I Style” videos and hauls, to celebrity inspired looks and DIY pieces. One of our favorite videos is her lazy day looks, perfect for school days when you want to be both cute and comfortable!


Youtube: Idressmyselff

IG: prettysickly

Subscribers: 97k


Idressmyselff, or Yanin, mixes her edgy and feminine style to create perfect looks for the city girll! Evolving from her blog into a YouTube channel, Yanin has collaborated with YSL beauty, Topshop, Missguided, and other brands. Catering to both high and low budgets, Yanin puts together outfits that look effortlessly chic and easy to achieve. We can’t wait to see what she does with her upcoming jewelry collection with Astrid & Miyu!


Youtube: Samantha Maria

IG: samanthamariaofficial

Subscribers: 1.8 million


Samantha Maria is a London-based fashion blogger touching on fashion, travel, and lifestyle! Starting her channel in 2009, Samantha is now 26 and documents how she stays stylish as a mother and wife! With her British accent and clean aesthetic, you’re sure to be hooked on her style hauls, how to style videos, and lookbooks. We loved her video on styling culottes!


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