The Colored Girl Recap

by Janee Barbre

The Colored Girl celebrated its one-year anniversary Wednesday night in New York City, and we couldn’t be more proud. For those who are not familiar with this super dope platform, it is a creative agency with a goal of diversifying brands through the use of beauty and fashion. Its debut campaign, The “Colored” Girl: Debut, went viral on all social media networks last year, featuring black and brown beauties in all shades. Its mission was to “make the world aware of the black woman in her own skin,” and that is exactly what it did. In just a matter one year, The Colored Girl has managed to continue empowering us all, spreading black girl magic and joy all over the place.




Women from all walks of life, ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations and religions are featured in these campaigns, set to curate change and challenge industry standards. Its founders and CEO’s Tori Elizabeth and Victory Jones share a passion for disrupting accepted beauty “norms.” Elizabeth is an American born Caymanian-bred wardrobe stylist from Houston, Texas. A visionary who sees beauty in the simplest things, she has a passion for bringing awareness to the masses. Jones is an American born, Jamaican-bred recording artist and songwriter from New York. She is described as a creative powerhouse who sees her work as a tool of empowerment and change. These two joined forces to beautifully disrupt the status quo, and are doing a marvelous job!

With the release of campaigns The “Colored” Girl: Rebirth and Journey to the Crown, they have told stories of the tenderness, intelligence, resilience, love, and beauty of women of color. Captivating images and videos put these queens on display, pushing for a much-needed change in culture. The Colored Girl’s project with leading cosmetics brand MAKE UP FOREVER launched in late February, focusing on issues like equal education, body positivity and co-parenting. #BlendInStandOut serves as the hashtag for this campaign, and asks six boundary-pushing influencers, “What do you stand for?” This campaign supports community, self-expression and the celebration of all people. Its purpose is to make a statement about beauty and advocacy.

Beauty and fashion standards aren’t the only things The Colored Girl wants to shift. Anti-bullying is also on the list. Their latest initiative with model Khoudia Diop, the Melanin Goddess herself, is set to help spread the word for everyone to be more and accepting and to stop bullying others for being different. This is a fundraiser with a goal of $10,000 to help create campaigns and initiatives that promote awareness for Anti-bullying.

The Colored Girl has been featured in several publications, Teen Vogue, InStyle and Essence just to name a few, and all over our favorite social media networks. Elizabeth and Jones’ work to reclaim beauty for the black woman has only just begun. There is much more in store, and we cannot wait to see.

Nana Agyemang