Meet Caroline Vazzana, A Self-Employed Fashion Editor on the Rise

by Aniyah Morinia


From interning with Marie Claire to creating her own brand entitled “Making it in Manhattan,” Caroline Vazzana traded what most girls would call a “dream job” to be her own boss. A year and several online publications for InStyle, Teen Vogue and Brides later, NYC continues to be her playground. You have probably spotted Vazzana hailing a cab in her signature round cherry red specs, a playful printed skirt, a few pieces of statement jewelry and a fun pair of printed socks to tie her funky yet fabulous outfits together. The creativity doesn’t stop with her outfits. Did we mention her classic oval-shaped #cvnails?  Her bold and eclectic style turns heads and leaves people wondering where she got her clothing items and how she pieced them together. Editor, stylist, and social influencer? Let’s just say Carrie Bradshaw has met her match! Life as a fashion editor is unpredictable but here’s a glimpse into the work life of fashion editor, Caroline Vazzana.

On becoming a fashion editor

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to work in the fashion industry, but not specifically as a fashion editor. It wasn't until after my sophomore year of college, I was interning that summer in New York for a womenswear designer. I ended up meeting another intern who was working at Teen Vogue and instantly became interested in that aspect of the industry. From there, the following summer, I landed an internship at Marie Claire Magazine. I was a personal intern to their fashion editor, assisting her with photo shoots and helping her call in items for her pages. After that experience I knew I wanted to be a fashion editor.

I had always dreamed of interning for a major fashion brand, and Marie Claire definitely lived up to the big expectations I had. Just being surrounded by so my creative, inspiring, and talented people made me realize I wanted to do this. I love that now, with what I do, I have the opportunity to collaborate with so many incredible individuals- but that love for collaboration and creativity all started at Marie Claire.

On working at Teen Vogue

I absolutely loved working at Teen Vogue, it was my first job right after college and I'm forever grateful for this experience. I started actually working on the marketing side for two months in a part-time role, and once this opportunity opened up I jumped at it. I worked as the assistant to the Fashion Director and Senior Fashion and Accessories Editor. I was in charge of handling their schedules, doing their requests for their pages and stories they were styling, assisting with special Teen Vogue projects and television segments. And, I also had the great opportunity of writing for - that's how I really fell in love with the digital aspect of fashion editorial. From there I went on to work on the digital fashion team at InStyle and was able to really learn more about SEO and producing digital content.

On starting self-employment

I started my site, a little over a year ago while I was still at InStyle. I could remember what it was like when I first started out in my career, and didn't know anyone. So, I wanted to create a career advice focused, fashion centered, editorial site. I think when creating a platform, before you get started, it's very important to figure out what your message is and what you can add to the conversation that's already happening. From there, decide what platform you want your site to be on, and work on creating a design you love. At the end of the day though, creating my own platform took a lot of hard work and dedication. Even on days that I might not feel my best, always working and never losing sight of the end goal.

I had seen so many changes happening within the traditional media industry, and that so much of fashion journalism was going digital. I had this feeling that with the direction everything was going, I could become my own boss and start my own brand. I always loved the idea of working for myself, or running my own company, so eventually I just decided "it's now or never" and took a leap of faith.

Being your own boss allows for so much creative freedom, which I didn't necessarily have while working for a bigger company. I'm able to come up with a million crazy ideas, and put each one into motion, if I choose to do so.  Also, if I'm having a hard week, I'm able to randomly take off on a Tuesday afternoon and meet a friend for lunch if I choose to do! It's all about balance!

On top 3 accessories

I always need my glasses, my mophie (does that count as an accessory?) my phone dies so often that it's such a huge help. And then my last would be my Making it in Manhattan merch, they are little inspirational colorful bracelets I recently launched on my site. I started by just making them for myself, but soon enough, all of my friends wanted them and they encouraged me to list them on my site. For me, carrying a little piece of inspiration with me wherever I go is so important.


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