Meet Freddie Harrel, The Genius Behind Natural Hair Clip-Ins

by Amani Richardson


It is with no mistake that the old saying “The bigger the hair, the harder they stare,” perfectly embodies this natural hair extensions company, Big Hair No Care. Top UK fashion Blogger,  Freddie Harrel is simplifying how curly girls wear protective styles and take care of their natural hair to maintain growing and healthy coils.

The essence of the natural hair movement is not only comprised of perfecting a twist out or wash n’ go routine, but also how to embody self-confidence, self-love and create a welcoming community among all women of color. As Freddie draws inspiration from herself and her culture, Big Hair No Care continues to create a medium for both self-awareness and embracing the beauty of natural hair for kinkier curly girls.

Within the natural hair community, it is important for kinkier curly textures (3C-4C) to have more visibility through media as they often go underrepresented. With Big Hair No Care, it was essential for Freddie to highlight her own texture and find a way to enhance what’s already hers. But, of course nothing worth having comes easy and Freddie made it her duty to treat her business as a partnership with herself. She notes, “My journey has been filled with moments of self-doubt, but they always remained temporary and after learning what it takes to start a business, I took a leap of faith and made a bet on myself.” Through Freddie’s journey of starting Big Hair No Care, one key element she believes women should keep in mind is “Don’t worry about having it all figured out, just focus on the first few steps of your business plan.”


Whether you’re an avid reader of Freddie’s blog or just now following her, you will notice her refreshing sense of style that separates her from the rest. Growing up, Freddie opens up about her insecurities and her inability to speak up for what she wants, but clothing and hair have become her source of inspiration. Freddie shares, “Style has always been my first comfortable way of expressing myself” and firmly believes that we are all here to express ourselves. A few of Freddie’s style inspirations are Solange Knowles, Grace Jones and Macy Grey. Between each of their daring personalities, ability to demand what they want and truly embody who they are as women, it is no surprise these women are her style icons.


“Own it. Grab it. And just roll with it” are a few words of encouragement Freddie shares for women who struggle with self-confidence. As a Confidence Coach, Freddie is sure to highlight the importance of self-awareness and self-love through Big Hair, No Care. Big Hair, No Care is more than just a hair company, it is a community for all women of color. She adds, “As a Black woman the question is not ‘How am I going to be confident being Black’, but rather ‘How a I going to make it work for me, grow me and all the Black women around me?” After all, there is no better or more beautiful time to be a Black woman.

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The premium synthetic natural hair extensions come in many different styles. Between the Zero Drama Queen and No Stress Princess, you will be sure to find a happy-medium. Each bundle of hair ranges in color from brown, natural and ombre while also providing suitable lengths from 14”-20”. Whether you’re looking to clip-in and add extra volume to your curly fro, or really want to save time with a full on lace front wig, the opportunities are endless.